Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Point Guard Available

Derek Fisher has asked to be released from the Jazz in order to be closer to specialized medical facilities for his daughter.  I'm not sure which condition affects his daughter, but I think it's highly likely that such facilities exist in Los Angeles. 

Now not to downplay or minimalize Fisher's family situation, but the Lakers need a point guard in the worse way.  Fisher has played for Phil, is a pass first player, and a veteran with rings, and gobs of pressure time experience.  I don't know the contract that Fish would be looking for but I'm sure the city of Angels would welcome Fish back. 

I miss Fish.  I think he's a huge improvement over Smush.  And I personally wouldn't mind giving him the mid-level exception.

Unfortunately, it's not up to me....it's up to Kupchak and I can't say my faith in him runs long.  Hell, it is barely a brisk walk..... 

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