Monday, September 13, 2010

I'll choose Virginia Tech over our association

I probably take it too serious.  In fact, I know I do.  And I've tried working on it but sometimes it still hits close to the heart.  With that said, I'll choose my alma mater over you.  You in this sense being anyone who wants to take pot shots at my Hokies.  I may not come out and say we're no longer cool.  Actually, I probably won't say anything much at you...ever again.  Yep, I'll definitely choose my alma mater over our association.

I'm trying to put into words what the difference is for an alumni versus a fan.  See, to have gone to Virginia Tech, lived it, breathed it, loved it is different than to watch nationally televised games or cheer for them because you're from the state.  Being an alum, it becomes part of you, it's in your makeup, it becomes a characteristic of you. When friends think of you, they think of all the things they love about you and that includes your love for Virginia Tech.  It is part of your personality.

The exhibition of this part of you is seen during football games but it's felt year round, through tragedy and through accomplishment.  I may not tote my VT flag on my car every day of the year for every accomplishment but I am proud throughout the year.  Not because of the football or basketball team.  But because of what Virginia Tech made me.  The person I was when I stepped on that Blacksburg campus was but a fraction of the man I was when I left. The experiences, the friends, the education -- all combined to let me blossom into the person I am today.

So how do you explain to a fan of some team why you take Virginia Tech insults personally?  Unless they've attended a school and have those same feelings, is there a way to explain it?

I'm sure my serious approach has turned some people away from me at various points in my life, and I'm ok with that.  Like I said, this is part of me and not part of me I necessarily want to change. So yeah, I know you're having a little fun at the Hokies expense, and I know I take this too personally.  With that said, keep in mind I take this personally.

Ut Prosim.


Kimpinionated said...

Techmen, we're Techmen with spirits true and faithful, backing up our teams with hopes undying!

Rae Ri Ole VPI!

Well said...couldn't agree more.

Xpinionated said...

Why thank you. I am being reluctant to post this on facebook because it was inspired by some folks there and since they are 'couple' friends, I don't want to create that awkward moment for wifey. But I had to get something down on paper....