Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lessons Learned From Disney 2011

  1. People are, by nature, self absorbed and as a result inconsiderate.

  2. People are usually their kindest, and as a result, most considerate when you least expect it.

  3. For the happiest place on earth, there were more cries, tantrums, angry voices, reprimands,scoldings, timeouts, and emotional rollercoasters in a concentrated area than I've ever seen. I think marketing may want to check with legal about that claim.

  4. The phenomenon that is Disney must be something set up in a person's subconscious at a very young age. I missed that day in my childhood because the world of Disney does not affect me as it has affected so many. I was amazed at how many parents wanted pictures taken with Disney characters.

  5. I would have never thought that people actually go to Disney World for their weddings and honeymoons. I just assumed all patrons had kids but ass was made of I.

  6. Nothing teaches patience like keeping a child entertained or at least moderately well behaved in a 45 minute line for a 2 minute ride.

  7. Something is being pumped into the air at the Magic Kingdom that caused me to stay hungry. Within an hour of eating, I would be starving. I would expect that if I had been working out especially hard or something but I wasn't. This was just me being insatiable.

  8. For all the pictures I took, it will take months to go through them all. And most of the video is too shaky to be worth a damn.

  9. For best results, leave before 5pm on your final day to avoid late night driving and total exhaustion. And the need to consume no less than 1 five hour energy, 1 44 oz coke, 2 bags of cotton candy, and 1/2 bag of smarties so you can stay on your toes and above the speed limit.

  10. Given the relative chaos that is daily Disney, the Magic Kingdom employees were by far much more customer service oriented, nicer, and generally pleasant to be around than those at other parks. Actually, regardless of the relative chaos, those folks were darn nice.


Mrs. Xpinionated said...

It better not take us months to go through the 1000 plus pictures. I have a scrap book to put together.

Regarding the ride back, I offered to start driving a lot sooner b/c I couldn't sleep in the car.

Diary of a Mad Black Hokie said...

Didson, I experienced Disney the first time around the age of 13...on the 4th of July. The combination of being a pre-teen with my around the way girl attitude and the masses of people that were there in the middle of summer on a holiday weekend scarred me for years! My sister has two kids and my brother lives in Tampa with a kid and they decided that going to Disney would be a good idea this year. I gave them my well wishes because I had no desire at all to return back to Disney. I gave them excuse after excuse as to why I couldn't go, but after I got job eliminated, I had no excuse. I obliged and ended up at Disney in April. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed it way better at age 33. While I can't see going there on a honeymoon or going there without my nephews, I definitely think it's a pretty cool place. While you pay an arm and a leg for the tickets (although we got a hook up and only ended up paying for two tickets outs of 8), there prices for food and souveniers aren't "that" bad. We also learned that you could bring in outside food and drinks which is unusual at an amusement park. Anywho, don't give up on Disney. When the kids are older, I think you'll appreciate it more.

Mark E. Calabrese said...

My guess is that the "happiest place on earth" was the moniker designated by Disney stockholders.