Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Georgia on my mind

The Virginia Tech Hokies have accepted a bid to play the University of Georgia on December 30th in Atlanta at the Chick Fil A (Peach) bowl -- it will always be the Peach bowl as far as I'm concerned.

Living in the metro ATL area, I've been exposed to my fair share of UGA fans and their football.  Though always obnoxious, I can respect that much more than I can Georgia Tech's new obnoxiousness, which coincidentally has died down considerably with the real GT showing it's colors.   For these eight years, I have prophesied on how UGA is a good team, no doubt, but I'm not convinced that they are better than VT.  In fact, I'm sure beer influenced boasts followed at regular intervals, not to mention well timed 'Yipes' to mock any UGA barking that may have been previously heard. 

Well, now the time has come.  The Hokies and the Bulldogs.  I didn't score tickets to the game and I'm not all that upset about that.  After four years of being the only Hokies fan at my local watering hole, it is only right that I watch that game, for better or for worse (and circumstances willing given the expected child), at that bar surrounded by all those Dawgs fans.

Trash Talk?  I do not plan on starting it but I will not turn the other cheek...that's fo' sho'.  Now during the game and after the game, only the game can decide (and the amount of liquid courage filling the room) what is said. 

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