Sunday, December 17, 2006

White Folks Lose, White Folks Lose!!! -- Breaking Story!!

Cooks Island --  Approximately 8:40 pm, for the first time in modern history, white folks lose.  In a surprising turn of events, the winner of this year's Racial Survivor will not be a Caucasian.  VT (as I call him since I don't know his real name), the last caucasian on the show, was voted off of the controversial show.

When this year's show started -- for those that are pop culturally challenged -- 16 contestants were divided into four tribes based on their race.  Whites versus Blacks versus Asians versus Hispanics - Let's get it on!  The racial theme lasted only briefly as the driving force as the tribes were mixed within the first few episodes. 

With tonite's finale nearing the midpoint, we have two Asians, one Hispanic, and one Black.    My money is on an Asian, more than likely Yul, the Godfather.

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