Sunday, June 17, 2007

Trade demand lingers

According to reports, Kobe is still requesting a trade according to league sources (whatever that means).  In any case, unless Kobe is serious in that nothing could be done to the Lakers that would show a move in the right direction, I say we need to make Andrew Bynum as well as any other player available if it means getting the pieces together to compete. 

I know Baby Boy Bynum has potential out the ass but if we are in championship mode, we can't live on potential.  If we are in rebuilding mode, then Kobe wants out. 

Not my decision to make, but I do want a decision to be made.  For as long as a decision isn't made, there will be no progress towards a championship nor towards a successful rebuilding effort. 

Buss and Kupchak, let not the Lakers go the way of the Celtics franchise.

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