Saturday, August 04, 2007

My First and Only Comment on Michael Vick

I wrote this as a bulletin on MySpace after receiving a bulletin condemning Vick.


Innocent until proven American tenet. It's one of those rights those soldiers in Iraq are fighting for. Or does that only apply to certain folks?

I'm sorry to respond to what I know is your heartfelt message in a way that sounds like I don't care. But quite frankly, I'm fed up. I'm fed up with the world acting like Michael Vick invented dog fighting. I'm fed up with the country caring more about dogs than humans. A little girl in Atlanta died from a stray bullet last week. There were no activists protesting for gun control.

Did Michael Vick mess up by having any association with this? Yes. Does he still deserve to be treated like an innocent man until proven guilty? Indeed!

I'm sorry to vent here but this pushed me over the think you hear a lot about it...imagine living in Atlanta and being a Virginia Tech alum?!?

And here's one last question, what happened to that politician that was involved with the missing intern Chandra Levy? Oh that's right, the media stopped covering so justice stopped pursuing...and this is a human being we're talking about!

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