Monday, May 24, 2010

Grown Man Names

Here in the great red state of Georgia, I've noticed a plethora of signs spurring me to vote for Josh Somethingornother for some political position or something. What immediately struck me is how much i consider Josh a kid's name. Seriously, my immediate thought was that I don't think I know any 'Joshes' older than twenty eight.
When i hear the name josh I reactively think high school or college kid. Or a character on one of the WB shows that are more music than dialogue...which would be all the WB shows I guess.
All this is to say that I will not be voting for Josh. No my vote isu not being driven by his name or republican affiliation. Speaking of which, I would love to see a candidate rock propaganda without mentioning their political clan. Think about how potentially effective that would be for a candidate. Imagine the public learning about a candidate because they had no party generalizations to fall back on. I understand it is iabout as likely as seeing a black person on ' When Animals Attack' but it is still a powerful ideal.
By the way, Josh is not getting my vote precisely for the reasons I previously said were not influential in my decision.

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