Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Main Man

Standing in line at Costco today, I picked Devin up and to my surprise he said "Daddy you're my main man!" Now I know I've said it to him before but I am still amazed at the stuff he picks up on. For that matter the stuff both of them pick up on is slightly crazy.

Talia is turning out be much better at follow directions than Devin was at that age....or is at this age really. She may note be able to engage us in a serious conversation yet but she can generally pick up what we're putting down. On the flip sidestep, Natalia appears be going through that same transition that Devin went through in that she went from a baby that would eat anything to being sporadic eater at best.

With all that said, I have some pretty awesome kids.

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Lindsay said...

We do have some pretty awesome kids. That's one I need to add to my journal. And don't forget how he told us the new dinosaur movie he was watching stresses him out. That one was definitely from me.