Wednesday, July 07, 2010

ESPN Special Report: LeBron's One Hour Decision

Reports have it that LeBron will make his decision Thursday, July 8, 2010.

Awesome news.  NBA fans everywhere want to know where the second best player in the league will end up.  After all, it let's us know who the second best team in the league may be next year.

Except. He is televising his announcement in an hour long special.  He is going to somehow make the following words, 'I, LeBron James, will play for. . . .' last for 43 minutes -- 17 minutes of commercial proceeds will go to charity.

Now, people have mistaken Kobe's confidence for arrogance.  Many have used this same opinion to dislike him. To root against him.  Now, Kobe has never ever done anything like this. Despite being a free agent a few years ago, Kobe did not need a television show to ensure the spotlight was on him. So, what say you?  Egomaniacal move by the wrongly named 'King' James? Or is this just a way to get some money to the charities?

I think this is the true LeBron coming out.  Feeding into his own hype. A young guy who so successfully handled fame and fortune at the onset of adulthood is reverting to the young guy we wouldn't have been surprised to see years ago.  There is absolutely no need to have a one hour tv show for this.  Hell, a 15 minute press conference would have been pushing it.

On the flip side, it is baseball season and if given the choice between the two....I'd watch LeBron Decision 2010 over the national pastime any day of July.

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