Sunday, August 22, 2010

Confused by

So perusing a friend's blog I came across an article advising women of the signs that their husband is gay. The site is It has taken me several hours to decide if the site is meant as a spoof or if this is a horrendously real example of when stupidity meets the propagation of the web.

I'm still undecided.

However, in the article, women are warned with '15 commonly-accepted' signs that their husband may be using the marriage as a cloak for his closet. Gems such as
    Is he fond of winking at people?

    If your husband owns skinny jeans and looks at his buttocks in the mirror or if he wears an inordinate number of small-sized t-shirts, it is probably worthwhile to pay more attention to his private activities.

    A man who is secretly engaged in homosexual activity with others may exhibit feminine qualities when they get together in a group. In a sense, he has “let his hair down” and this will be seen in excessive back talk and speaking with one’s hands.

For a second, I thought this was just ignorance personified.  But just when I think the author is serious, I roll across a post chronicling the rampant but underground epidemic of cat rapings . . . . by rabbits.

Yep, I'll just leave it at that.....

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