Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things I'm Tired Of - 11/28/2010

1. The exact same celebration from every football player...jump, turn in the air.  Yep, originality is dead.

2. Reality shows for people with no discernible talent:  Kendra, Jersey Shore cast, Kate, 16 and pregnant 'stars' -- I'm looking at you with my gas face.

3. Praise for quarterbacks regardless of who the actual play is made by (usually the receiver).

4. While we're at it, protection for quarterbacks....if they don't want to be hit they should choose a non-contact activity like Baseball.

5. The emasculation and 'stupidification' of men on television.

6. People who while talking, close their hand at the end of each sentence like they are trying to catch the words as they leave the mouth.

7. Housewives on TV in the city of your choice who are really not housewives in any traditional sense of the word....more like trophies with jewelry on.

8. Being tired...just tired

Ah...that's better.

oh and 9.  Sarah Palin.


Mrs. Xpinionated said...

I feel like #6 is geared at me. And I so agree with #9

Xpinionated said...

Not at all, more from my daytime TV choices....

Kimpinionated said...

10. The dum bass numbers game on Facebook
11. Dum bass Dodsons...not to be confused with Didsons
12. Typos
13. People on Facebook who feel the need to announce their departure from Facebook
14. People who point at their wrist while asking you the time
15. People that point to what they want on the menu when ordering
16. People who forward emails to 10 people because they fear for their life
17. People that think it's okay to drive slow in the fast lane
18. People who go up or down the wrong way in a parking lot
19. Motorcycles that take up a good spot for a compact Hokie Mobile
20. Handicap people who park in a regular parking spot
21. Skinny chics that use the handicap stall.

Xpinionated said...

The last two are what comedy is made of!