Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today's Conversation of Entertainment

Devin: I want to watch a movie.

Daddy: With all these new toys, you want to watch a movie? Maybe next Christmas, we should tell Santa you don't need any new toys.

Devin: Nooo, but we can give the old toys to babies.

Daddy: Maybe we should give the new ones too!

Devin: But the babies will put them in their mouth and slobber on them.

Talia: The babies will slobber on them!

Daddy: Yeah but at least they...

Talia: I talking first...the babies will slobber on them and that's yucky!

Devin: Not all babies 'cause they grow up.

Talia: And then the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

Daddy: Uh yes.

Devin: Well first, it goes into a coccoon and then it becomes a butterfly.

I'm not sure where I lost control of this conversation but the lesson I was trying to teach was definitely lost in the segue way to butterflies.


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