Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mobile Bubble Guts

So the plan was real simple. After all, I did the same thing two years ago. New phones needed for the wife and I. Go to store, point her to the cheaper 50-100 buck Androids, while I go grab the latest and greatest. Keep it moving. No biggie.

So we go to the store and I point her towards the cutesy HTC Rhyme with it's purple and matching purpleness dock. Then, things go bad. She.....starts.....asking.....questions

'When did this phone come out?'
'Will it become obsolete like my last one did?'
And the worst...
'Which one are you looking at?'

Quite frankly, two Galaxy Nexus' are not in our budget. At the time, had the Galaxy Nexus at 199.00 and the phones I was selling to wifey were in the free to 100 buck range.

Now she's picking up the GN, getting a feel for it. And now she's talking to the sales person asking more questions. I can't filter him. I can't get him to be specifically vague.

So her Galaxy Nexus arrived Tuesday. It sat on the table until last night when she asked me why I hadn't set up her new phone. I told her because it was her phone. Deep down it's because I'm jealous. See, she had a Droid Eris that she wouldn't let me root. I have a rooted Incredible. I didn't NEED a new phone. Her phone sometimes dialed, sometimes didn't.

I know I did the right thing getting her the phone since she needed a phone more than I did. Doesn't mean I won't get bubble guts about it.

Walked past the kitchen table this morning, saw the Galaxy Nexus manual. Said to myself 'I don't have a galaxy Nexus, not my phone.' I left the manual there....

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