Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Idol is Back

Say what you want about American Idol, but tryouts are one of the best things going on TV.  Tonite's gems: 

  • Randy says "You don't have to be a singer", and Simon follows with "And now you know you never will".  After a bit of crying, the contestant goes outside to converse with the camera saying "I keep waiting for them to come out here and say psych".  Wow, she said psych.  I guess they still say that in Minnesota?
  • Paula Abdul:  "Oh my god that's a note I've never heard"
  • Jewel: "So are you serious when you're doing this?"
  • Contestant: "Do you guys want the poster" (She had a Wizard of Oz poster as she had done a ditty as the lion from the movie.  Randy's reply?  "No"
  • Randy: "Man, Prince'll never be on this show again"

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