Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mejia's idiocy continues

The L.A. Lakers did the rest of the NBA a huge disservice by snapping Dallas' 13-game winning streak on Sunday night.

Tony Mejia has long been on my list of 'Paid Idiots with a Keyboard'.  His 'opinion' pieces are based on little more than his like/dislike of a player, team, or coach.  Naturally, his dislike of the Lakers franchise has made us archrivals though I'm unsure if he's hip to me as his adversary.

Anyway, his latest piece basically states that the Lakers should have intentionally lost a January game in order to allow the Mavericks to continue winning until they get complacent.  Yes, he is suggesting they should have thrown the game.  Now when Dallas' previous double digit win streak was broken, there was no suggestion of throwing the game.  Why would a so-called expert ever suggest a team throw a game for the sake of the league?  Idiot.

With that said, great game Sunday night.  No Kwame, No Lamar, and a 9 point deficit headed into the fourth quarter made for another confidence builder a la the Houston game a few weeks back.  These Lakers are showing the league a lot about heart.  They are showing me a lot about teammates.

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