Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alimony Schmalimony

Man Doesn't want to pay alimony to man who was woman when they divorced

So in a nutshell, this news article is about a man who doesn't feel he should have to continue alimony payments to his ex-wife who has become a man via a sex change after their divorce. 

In another nutshell, I agree.  But wait you gay rights vultures, I agree because I don't think alimony should be a legal institution any longer.  In these times it's a shame that the same women that claim to be independent, self sufficient, and 'don't need a man' still want alimony. 

This man is expected to pay his ex-manwife $1250 a month so she can maintain the standard of living that she was accustomed to during the marriage. Sex change operation isn't a standard standard of living cost but she managed to afford that.  Not only are most alimony payments above and beyond what's needed to maintain a standard of living (by the way the standard of living changes when you are no longer a couple....less income, less standards), they are a form of punishment to the husband. 

It's high time for this ridiculousness to cease.  If alimony must be kept on the legal stacks, at the maximum, at the very maximum, the length of time that alimony payments should be required should be limited to one year....not until the wife dies or remarries. 

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