Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why my people???

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Gmail - Gwinnett County Detention Center Admissions in 30024
Teachers charged with student sex | ajc.com

For the past few weeks, I find myself saying the same thing when the news is broadcast
Please just this once, don't let them be black!
And for the past few weeks, I have not been granted that wish.  Oh wait, I take that back, there were the Barbie Bandits last week...oops, their teller accomplice was black..dammit!

Along with the link above, we have the 2 and 5 year old potheads.  The scary part about that video is that they don't cough after hitting the blunt.  They don't hit their chest or anything.  In fact, it appears that they blew the smoke out of their nose....indication that maybe they weren't weed virgins....why do my people have to be this way?

I know it's not all of us...but it is a reflection on all of us.  These incidents help build stereotypes and help build images that will one day go into someone's first impression of me, or your black friend, relative, whomever. 

A bigger question has to be asked as well in regards to the two teachers in the link above:  why the hell is a man awaiting trial for possession of Marijuana with intent to distribute teaching our children?  Perhaps, we need to run biannual background checks on our teachers and public servants in general to ensure that we aren't leaving our children with folks we wouldn't let in our house.

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