Monday, March 19, 2007

Shammond Williams

I wonder why Shammond Williams hasn't gotten more playing time throughout the season.  Smush Parker has, in my opinion (and yes I know this is a complete 180 from the beginning of last season), overstayed his time in L.A. 

A point guard averaging 2 assists a game and being 4th on the team in assists is a bit troubling, unless he's a scorer.  Alas, his streaky shooting also leaves him in 4th in the scoring category.

Now, don't get me wrong, Shammond's numbers aren't gaudy by any stretch.  But let's look at it like this:  Smush shoots 44%, Shammond 47%.  Smush is 37.4% from 3pt land, Shammond is 45.5%.  Smush is a 64% free throw shooter, Shammond is at 75%.  Granted, Smush has put in way more minutes than Shammond and it is possible that Shammond's numbers would come down a bit with some extended playing time.  But given the fact that Kobe, Lamar, and Luke will get the ball spread around, wouldn't it be worth the chance to see if we actually have a point guard on the team who can knock down shots with consistency???

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