Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Man Dies in fight with armless foe

I'm not going to comment on this story other than to reprint it here:

An autopsy was planned Tuesday to determine what killed a Snellville man who died after being head-butted during a fight with a man with no arms.

No charges have been filed against the armless man.

Snellville police Chief Roy Whitehead said Charles Keith Teer and William Russell Redfren, who had been in an ongoing dispute over a woman, scuffled Monday afternoon in the driveway of a home on Pine Street in the Gwinnett County town.

"There was somebody between them trying to separate them and the fight occurred around the witness," Whitehead said.

Whitehead said that according to witnesses, Redfren, who has no arms, kicked Teer, and Teer then struck Redfren.

Bystanders got the two men separated, but Redfren "came back and head-butted [Teer] one time," Whitehead said. "That's what we understand at this point."

After being head-butted, Teer complained of being dizzy, "and then he collapsed. He was dead on the scene," Whitehead said.

He said that after the fight, Redfren and the woman got into Redfren's truck and drove to the Snellville police station.

"They were calling us," Whitehead said. "He was going to call to report the dispute, and then when [Teer] collapsed, they told 911 they needed EMS."

Whitehead said investigators were awaiting autopsy results before deciding on whether to file charges against Redfren.

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