Thursday, November 01, 2007

Intentional Lack of Kobe Commentary

I have not posted here in quite some time.  That's intentional.  In keeping up with the Kobe saga -- and unfortunately it has become a saga not a mere distraction -- I have read tons of comments and articles from Kobe haters and lovers.  I am a Lakers lover. 

With that said, I only choose a side in regards to a specific player when I feel the player is causing the Lakers harm as an organization.  I completely understand Kobe's side of things.  Help was promised but the trigger wasn't pulled.  Perhaps management has some undisclosed explanations for caution, outside of the Shaq to the Heat transaction.  The fact still remains that there are teams that have produced franchise helping decisions.  Teams that have gotten better because they had to.  If there is a franchise that needs to get better because it has to, the Lakers are that franchise. 

At this point, I still cheer for Kobe and ultimately hope that he retires in a Lakers uniform.  I hope the relationship between Dr. Buss and Kobe can be repaired at least to the point of coexisting.  I do doubt that.

I don't know, from a Lakers fan perspective, if I want Kobe to get traded so we can move on or if I want him to stay and deal with this (and potentially future) season of doubt.  Normally, I am excited for a new season to start.  But watching the Rockets game the other night, though it was a close game, I couldn't get that sense of excitement, that sense of optimism.  The other players weren't happy.  The faces showed that Kobe's fate is and will be a distraction.  The best I can hope for is a solid enough start to the season to perhaps quell Kobe's desires for a trade.  And who knows...maybe a trade deadline mega-deal that benfits the Lakers......

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