Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jenkem - The new high----or low

The reports a Florida sheriff released a warning memo in September regarding the new high of choice for students.  Officially called Jenkem, it is a fermented concoction of urine and doodoo.  Yes, urine and doodoo.  The ingredients, when left to marinade in the sun for a while, produce a gas for inhalation.  Since only sun, and regular bowel movements are the only inputs for this new drug, Jenkem is officially the world's cheapest high! 

Disclaimer - Jenkem is not a real threat -- at least not yet.  The Florida Sheriff did send a warning out regarding this however (a trusted sleuth in the world of online urban legend) has reported scant evidence of a Jenkem takeover in the U.S.

Still, you gotta wonder how desperate, depressed, and or disillusioned a person would have to be a) collect raw sewage in a jar, and b) to decide to ferment said sewage, and lastly c) to inhale the biogases for a high.....


Pops said...

That's a doodoo of a subject and all natural.

XD said...

Sometimes even I think I'm full of doodoo....but you do have a point...all natural!