Thursday, September 21, 2006

Will Work For Boobs

Posted on craigslist (yes, it has been removed now but a mirror can be found here)
Cute/nice IT guy/PC specialist will fix your computer in exchange for a gentle feel of your boobs. I'm a totally non-creepy (really) professional who will repair your hard drive, back up files, install software and peripherals, whatever, for an innocent grope. I have a lot of tech knowledge in my life and regrettably no boobs. Serious inquiries only and thanks.

Non creepy guy offering services for cheap feel?  What's the problem?  The problem is he doesn't specify if man-boobs are accepted.  Boobs...the new American Express and it doesn't affect your credit.  I wonder if bigger boobs bring more services or is it one price fits all?  I could probably go on and on about this.....and I will.

So is this a one time offer?  For example, if I had man-boobs and needed my hard drive wiped out, the non creepy IT guy comes over wipes and gropes.  Then next week, I need memory added.  Will he do the work since he's already felt my boobs?  I think I need to see his business plan.

Does he offer payment plans?  Like one boob a week until the job is done for services that could take more than one trip?  Is there any kind of warranty?  And what about refunds???

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