Thursday, May 31, 2007


Lil man, you don't even look like the same chewed purple skittle the doctor raised into the air nearly six months ago.  You've filled out with your chubby cheeks, head full of hair, chunky legs, and even your belly button has gotten normal.  And your personality is developing as well as your motor skills.

You definitely have Mrs. Xpinionated's mouth.  Mrs. Xpinionated thinks you have my nose.  Initially, most folks thought you favored me but I think that was because you didn't have any meat on your bones.  Now, it seems people think you are looking like your sexy momma....oh sorry, you probably don't want to hear that kind of thing. 

We took you to the swimming pool this past weekend.  You didn't cry, not once.....and you didn't smile, not once.  Then you promptly fell asleep in my arms at the pool.  I'm sure your momma will have you down there again and I got it on tape so we'll have to give it a gander when you're old enough.

Oh well, Daddy Xpinionated has to get back to need to hurry up and get a you Devin.

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