Wednesday, May 16, 2007


What a lot of folks don't realize about arguing with me is that 8 times out of 10, when I say something I can provide the proof within 10 minutes(provided I have network connection handy). 

I remember when a sports argument, or any argument for that matter, relied on at the very least equal parts opinion and fact.  Nowadays, opinion is fact.  In bars across the country, people are considered guilty based simply on accusation.  People base entire arguments on 'I heard...' without doing a lick of research on their own despite the unprecedented availability of information today. 

Just keep in mind though, if you're going to argue something with me...come very correct, thorough, and prepared....for if you don't, I'll eat you and your lazy ass opinion alive.....I'm not out to convince you that I'm right...I'm out to convince you that you're wrong!

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