Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Classic Arcade Gaming

Mmmm, my gamer roots are ablaze with new found (for me anyway) ways to play all those beautiful atari 2600, Commodore 64, etc games. 

For those less geeky and technically savvy folks out there, our geek (remember when geek was an insult) friends have created emulators for these old but glorious consoles.  Emulators basically mimic the hardware these old games ran on so that you can run them on your current laptop or PC.  In some cases, you can even run Super Nintendo games on a Sega Dreamcast (according to a friend of mine, I haven't done this myself but sounds like an interesting Saturday project). 

I love this.  I spent nearly an hour playing 10 yard fight last night on my laptop with my wife quizzically wondering what I was doing and why?  I think tonite, after grass cutting of course, I will try to get a commodore 64 emulator so I can revisit California Games! 

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