Monday, October 29, 2007

Pats are classless

It's called pro football.  For the New England area, the 'pro' is short for professional as in professionalism.  Something the Pats haven't showed.....

Running up the score is an iffy situation.  As a coach, you don't tell your team to stop playing when you're up 38 - 0 in the fourth quarter.   As a coach, though, you also don't call bombs and go for it on fourth down....twice....when a field goal is a chip shot.   Unless you're Bill Belidick.  Whatever chip is on his shoulder will come back to his team, whether it's an injury or an opposing coach running the score up.  But it will happen,  and I pray that there are Pats fans around me when it does.

Oh, and according to ESPN, the Redskins headsets malfunctioned as well...odd that would happen against a team that has already been caught cheating dontcha think?

As far as everybody else's golden boy Tom Brady is concerned, I would love to see how many of his touchdown passes this season have come long after the game is decided....there's an asterisk worth adding to any records accumulated by him this year.

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