Sunday, October 15, 2006

'The Departed' - Bloody Good!

Since I went out on Thursday night to watch the joke that is currently Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's football program, I decided to take a Friday night off.  I told the wife we could go see a movie if she wanted figuring I'd either sit through something I truly had no desire to see, or take a nap -- something I have become exceptionally fond of doing in movie theaters (it could be worse, ain't that right Pee Wee).  To my surprise, the wife picked a movie that she kinda wanted to see but that she thought I would like.  Like, indeed I did.  In fact, loved.

A bad guy-good guy flick with enough headshots to make you think it was a video game instead of a cinema feature.  No cranium was safe, and the best part (in a sick, slightly twisted way) was none of the headshots were expected....and the resulting splatter was grotesquely good. 

Indeed, the only disappointment was a result of incorrect expectations set by Yahoo Movies.  They mentioned the flick was rated 'R' for strong sexual content among other things....a woman in her bra and thongs engaged in foreplay is hardly strong sexual content.  Hell, that's a saturday night at the mall!

I'm not a movie reviewer so don't expect some intricate analysis of the acting, plot, directing, lighting et cetera and so on.  Actually, don't expect'll never be disappointed that way ;)

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