Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Tarnish of a Legend

Joe Gibbs.  One of the most revered in the Redskins family.  Perhaps twenty years from now, his current stint as head coach will fade into the background of his accolades.. .. . but that is in twenty years.  Right now, he's simply tarnishing his past, being stubborn, and seemingly enjoying it.

The talk shows and chat rooms might be clamoring for Jason Campbell to replace Mark Brunell, but coach Joe Gibbs doesn't plan to give the quarterback -- for whom he traded three draft picks to take in the first round in 2005 -- practice reps with the first team during their two bye week practices. "We love Jason," Gibbs said. "At some point, his time is going to come. Right now, that's not something that's a focus of mine."

If that's not a focus, how about winning?  Is that a focus?  At this point, does it matter?  Three draft picks for a quarterback we're not using.  Another draft pick for TJ Duckett whose number as a Redskin I don't know because he gets even less time in DC than he did in the ATL....and by less time, I mean no time.  So that's four picks that we aren't going to use for players that we aren't using....and this makes sense how?

At 2 - 5, the only under .500 team in the division, the only team in the division without a division win, and on a three game skid, why not put Jason Campbell in?  Why not at least show that you're willing to adapt?  Yeah, you hired Al Saunders to call the plays but then you limit his ability by keeping broke Brunell under center.  What's the point of spending money on every position offensively, and then keeping the most limited player on the field.  Think how often has Mark Brunell been sacked before he even took three evasive steps.  The guy is done...I don't care how good he may look in practice...he's done, and has been done for a while.  Yeah, he had 2 good games this year but if it takes seven games for him to havetwo good ones, is it worth it.  6 and 10 this year is a long shot

Gibbs, take a hint from your counterpart Bill Parcells:  at some point you have to let go of 'your guy' and do what's best for the team...right now, Brunell ain't it!

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