Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Scared and not out of it yet

As I arrived home Tuesday night, I decided to give Mrs. Xpinionated a call because she said I may need to pick her up from work.  To my surprise, a co-worker answers.  My first thought is that Mrs. X had to catch a ride because my cellphone was dead. 

Instead, B (the coworkers Xpinionated alias as of now) tells me that Mrs. X is in the hospital.  She has been bleeding and they need me to get to the hospital as soon as possible. 

Fear, sadness, worry crowded my thinking.  I turn around and start to head out of the neighborhood.  Then I realize I have no idea where the hospital is and my phone is dead.  So I turn back around and go to the house to get instructions.  My mind is racing, my decision making is hindered and I'm about to get on the interstate. 

Amazingly, I was less aggressive than usual.  I kept thinking, I'm no good if I get into an accident, no good in an accident.  I arrive at the hospital and after travelling the Labryinth that is Northside Hospital, I found my wife.. . . . smiling

She was listening to Devin's heartbeat and that was all she needed to calm down.  I, on the other hand, took a few hours before I could calm down. 

Although we're not out of the woods, mother and baby are doing well.  Though there is still bleeding, neither appear to be in harm's way right now.  I'm sleepy but don't want to go to sleep quite yet.  Her contractions seem to have stopped and I think she is actually sleeping now.  Gonna go . . . .

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