Friday, October 27, 2006

Now that is Hokie Football

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I'm not here to toot my own horn.  I'm not here with the frothing at the mouth with "I told you so's" and a grin.  I'm ecstatic.  Excited that I can be excited about Virginia Tech football again.  Increasingly excited that the coaching staff returned to the gameplans that had yet to fail.  Enthusiastic about upcoming games . . . particularly Miami and Wake Forest. 

In two games, Brandon "Iron" Ore has rushed for over 400 yards.  Prior to his huge game against Southern Miss, the Hokies were averaging less than a hundred yards a game. 

Sean Glennon surprisingly showed some pocket presence last night, often avoiding sacks (except for the fumble near the end of the first half) and getting the ball back to the line, if not gaining yards.

Most impressive, though, had to be the Hokies defense.  'You will not run on us!  You will not pass on us!  You will punt...and punt again!!'  And punt they did!  After the initial quarter, Clemson's offense was frustrated and bottled up like a freshman boy watching the senior cheerleaders practice on the band field. 

Next up is Miami.  Oddly enough, this week Hokies fans should be cheering for Miami against Georgia Tech.  Georgia Tech losses push Va Tech closer to a possible ACC championship birth.  Let's win out...and let the cards fall as they may.

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