Thursday, May 25, 2006


Perhaps I don't get it. Perhaps I'm an unfeeling son of a gun. Maybe I should be more considerate of our equine friends.

Or maybe it's time we realize that this was a horse. It's disappointing that there will be no triple crown...again...this year. It's sad that such potential is lost in such a freak incident. But it was a horse! I understand there's a chance the horse could be put down if recovery does not go well. But we're getting close to a week's worth of sports headlines about a horse.

People are actually sending apple baskets, stuffed animals, and religious statues to a horse! The apples I can understand even though given the monetary advantages of the horse's owner, I'm sure hitting up the local supermarket for some fruit wasn't that much of an obstacle. But stuffed animals and religious statues, that's just overboard...and silly.

Important PEOPLE in our communities are on the verge of taking their last gasp every day and there are folks sending gifts to horses? There are people being paid to 'follow-up' on the horse story?

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